5 Slot Broom Holders


5 Slot Broom Holders


5 slot Mop and broom This is a holder that you can use to place your broom, wiper or mop in the holder.

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  • Quality tool rack holds mops, bushings, sports equipment and storage tools. Keep organized, get things done fast. You spend less time looking for lost things.
  • Hang the all in one bracket, especially the cleaning tools and broom bristles never bend and work better the longer they last. Compact size and clean design garage organization system.
  • Mop/Broom Organizer Holder is wall mountable organizer rack and each slotted ball holds 3 kgs of weight. Fixing screws and fishermen are included.
  • The mop/broom holder has 5 slots and 6 hooks, the slotted rolling balls automatically adjust to fit the thickness of each handle and hold it securely. Additional 5 folding hooks which are suitable for hanging and catching small hinging tools, Indian traditional soft brooms, hard brooms and etc from falling.
  • A place for everything and everything in its place will bring you more energy and time savings.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 44 cm