Gardening Cutter Scissor


Gardening Cutter Scissor


This Scissor is helps you to very easily trim and cut your garden’s trees.

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  • 1 Garden Shears Pruner Scissors.
  • High quality stainless steel with plastic handle grip.
  • Ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue and for comfort.
  • The Stainless Steel Gardening Tool Scissor helps you easily trim and cut your garden’s trees, plants and shrubs.
  • Model: Ideal for making precise cuts in living wood Stainless steel Blade: Thermoplastic rubber Ergonomic handle.
  • 15 mm cut and hold blade, drop forged for strength, light weight handle, anti-rust blade and cutting board for flowers and fruits up to 10 mm cutting capacity.

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Dimensions 18 × 4 × 4 cm