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  • Multi-function & purpose: Manage various of cables, wires and cords, such as USB cables, charging cords and mouse cables.avoid these cables orderless or falling off from desk. Keep all the cables,wires and cords organized, make your desk tidy and Neat.
  • Easy to paste and remove: With high tack but easy to remove due to the acrylic adhesive pad.Won’t have any track and mark left on your desk after removed.
  • Better for different surfaces: A wall, plastic, wood, glass, metal or rubber (or others) Tips:In order to let these clips work most effectively,please do make the surface you plan to paste them on Smooth and Dry!
  • Multiple Use: You can use them as table cable organzier, as a pen holder, as toothbrush or flosser holders
  • Easy to Use : Simply peel and stick your cable clips holders as needed. Please clean the surface before sticking that make them hold more tight. | Damage Free: Easily removed without leaving glues pad
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  • Assured Original Products
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Automotive Multi-purpose Plastic Car Backseat Head Rest Hook/Hanger, Storage Holder for Groceries, Handbags, Coat, Purse and Bags – Pack of 4

Keep Your Car or SUV Organized with the Best Universal Car Back Seat Headrest Hangers

Are you tired of bags rolling around on your car floor? Do you need a convenient car storage solution to keep your ride neat and tidy, every day? Then look no further than these space-saving headrest hooks!

Designed to help you keep your car interior perfectly clean and organized, they will easily hold your purses, handbags, grocery bags, trash bags, clothes and much more, so you can enjoy a tidy and clutter-free ride! Universal Design Fits Any Model Vehicle These car hanger hooks are thoughtfully sized to ensure a great fit in any car or SUV with headrest extension bars.

Very easy to install or remove, you won’t need to disassemble the headrests. Simply place the hooks around the poles and you’re ready to go

Keep your Car Organized
Convert your car’s headrest into a convenient storage space to hang grocery bags, handbags, purses, schoolbags, umbrellas, shopping bags, baby supplies and much more that you don’t want to keep on the car floor or on the seat.

Load Capacity
Deal with most of your belongings in your car just by hanging it on the hook. Fits any model vehicle with headrest extension bars and can hold up to 10 kgs max.

Easy to Install
These small hooks are convenient and efficient with a special half design that can be easily set or removed from the headrest, without the use of any tools.

Very handy and practical to store in any kind of hand baggage. You don’t have to worry about cluttering your back seat with your belongings or shopping bags.

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