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  •  Retro style, is the beautiful decoration of the kitchen: use the retro-style marshmallow making machine to create a fashion focus in the kitchen.
  • Make candy at home – This gadget allows you to make your own marshmallows at home. You can make the most of your creativity and explore a variety of flavors. Its super-simple one-touch operation means it’s easy to use, even for kids!
  •  Fun and excited – Eating a side, making marshmallows is also an interesting task. As part of the celebration, you can enjoy it with friends and family. It is easy to use. This is all about this tool. This compact candy flossing machine uses a small heater to heat the sugar.
  • Healthy and delicious – This fun snack is easy to customize and you can add homemade ingredients. This includes sugar. Because it is completely handmade, it is very healthy and safe. So prepare your stuff and then pop some fun!
  • One-button operation, easy to clean – The manufacturer can use a simple ON / OFF switch. The one-button operating device has a quick and simple mechanism. It is safe for children and you can let them operate it. The upper tray is easy to clean. Just use hot water after use, so it won’t stick to it.
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Product details

Want to give her (he) a surprise?

This cute cotton candy machine must be a good choice ~^ _ ^

This product is made of brand new food grade PP plastic, absolutely non-toxic and safe!

Retro mini cotton candy machine

You can also make marshmallows in your own home!

[Step 1: Heat engine]
Please turn the switch on the heat machine for 1 minute, turn off the machine before adding the powdered sugar, and the action of the heat machine can quickly produce the sugar granules.

[Step 2: Sugaring]
Limit one spoonful of sugar at a time, the excess can not only produce perfect sugar granules, but also spray the powdered sugar directly. The cotton candy that is made out will be very beautiful and beautiful~

[Step 3: Roll the cotton wool onto the stick]
Roll the thin cotton wool along the center of the disc and the center of the movement. You can also take the chopsticks to roll. It is recommended to roll one at a time, so that you won’t fight, you can’t make a beautiful cotton candy~

[Intimate reminder]
1. Be sure to add sugar powder in the case of shutdown, otherwise the powdered sugar will be sprayed everywhere!
2. After use, the central movement will be a bit hot. Please cool down the shutdown for 8 minutes, then cool the standby device.
3. This machine is operated, please be sure to accompany the children to use.

The package includes:
1*cotton candy machine, 10*cotton candy sticks

Additional information

Weight 1.631 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 cm

Customers Reviews

  1. Diya

    very smooth process of making cotton candy and we loved it. Kids are super excited about this and it is indeed easy to operate, clean, and safe, even for kids!

  2. Abhishek

    My child Ronak was very curious during the process and they were amazed to see the whole cotton candy-making process also he enjoyed the homemade cotton candy. it was a very good decision to get this product for your kids

  3. Aditya

    it is very easy to assemble and took no time to do it. It is very portable and compact.

  4. Krishna

    Must Buy for Cotton Candy Lovers

  5. Aadav

    Good quality.

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