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  • 3D Massager: Face-lift; promotes skin tightening; body shaping and promote the blood circulation
  • Solar Micro current: Use the solar micro current to activate the cells, Promote metabolism and circulation of skin.
  • Beauty skills: Simulate the trick of cosmetologist to design the beads for massage any part of body. Pt beads: The Surface of the beads plate a thick layer of Pt with good heat resistance and acid-resisting, which can keep gloss.
  • 3D Massager: Skin tightening; With new kneading technology; Rotation in 360 Degree cleaning and massage totally; Adept for the sensitivity and unconcious skin.
  • Material: ABS; Size: 15.5 * 9 * 5.3 cm; Color: Silver; Package includes: 1 x 3 D Full Body Shape Massager, 1 x Manual
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Features: The unique design of S, suitable for massage, like the breeze rolling massage, containing high purity germanium, metal minerals, close to the skin, mainly massage, body sculpting, accelerate blood circulation, promote skin to restore vitality, The new supersedes the old, full of elasticity! So as to delay and improve the skin problems caused by age. In addition to the basic pulling, firming, facelift, beauty, to the statute line, but also on the lymphatic massage to promote the lymphatic metabolism cycle, so that personal experience to relax, eliminate fatigue, improve edema, dry skin, and so on. diamond cutting surface roller. Specially designed for delicate skin, ensure the contact area between roller and skin in many ways, and the effect is more ideal. Differential current bearing. The handle is comfortable and easy to hold. Gently, you can quickly scroll massage. In a short time can experience the beauty of beauty facelift massage experience Specifications: Material: Roller is Metal And body Is crom of metal Weight: 169g Size: 15.5 * 9 * 5.3 cm Application: Beauty Bar regardless of gender, age can be used in more than 12 years of age; TV stars, models, presenters face sitting in front of the computer, shoulder pain, fatigue when people face; fat; eye wrinkles, wrinkles obvious; pigmentation, large pores, skin saggy; rough skin dull person Usage Method: Step 1: Clean your face with a facial brush Step 2:use the beauty instrument to massage your skin, restore the metabolic function of skin cells, and promote the increase of skin collagen; Step 3: use the roller massage device lifting and firming your skin, the skin becomes bright, elastic, wrinkles gradually reduced, but also your youthful vitality.

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